As the launch of the iPhone 13 series draws near, tech enthusiasts are eagerly waiting to see what improvements and new features Apple has in store for its latest offering. While the new phones will have upgrades in several areas, including the camera, battery life, and processing power, the design and display are among the most anticipated changes. Here’s what we can expect from the iPhone 13’s design and display.

Slightly Bigger Devices

According to multiple leaks and rumors, the iPhone 13 series will feature devices that are slightly bigger than their iPhone 12 counterparts. Apple is expected to increase the thickness of the devices to accommodate a larger battery, which could extend the battery life on the new phones. The iPhone 13 Pro Max, in particular, is expected to have a larger camera module and a thicker device body to accommodate a LiDAR scanner and other camera improvements.

Improved ProMotion Display

One of the most exciting design changes on the iPhone 13 series is the addition of the ProMotion display technology. Insiders believe that both the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will feature a 120Hz ProMotion display. ProMotion technology allows for a smoother and more responsive display, making scrolling and other screen interactions feel much smoother. While the current iPhone 12 models are limited to a 60Hz refresh rate, the ProMotion display technology could offer a significant improvement in terms of responsiveness.

Smaller Notch

Another design improvement on the iPhone 13 series is the smaller notch. As leaked images suggest, the notch on the iPhone 13 models will be significantly reduced compared to their predecessors. While the exact size and shape of the notch are unknown, rumors suggest that it will be narrower or that the front camera and sensors will be relocated to complete the redesign. By reducing the size of the notch, Apple hopes to increase the screen real estate on the iPhone, providing a more immersive experience when using apps and viewing media content.

Improved Camera Layout

The design of the iPhone 13’s camera module is also expected to receive some changes. The new module will feature two lenses on the base models and three or four lenses on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. The camera lenses are expected to be arranged diagonally, and the placement of the lenses is expected to reduce the camera bump, making the device more aesthetically pleasing.


Based on the rumors and leaks, it’s clear that the iPhone 13 series will have some significant improvements in terms of design and display. Fans of Apple’s products will appreciate the slightly bigger devices that come with a larger battery and a more immersive screen with ProMotion technology. The smaller notch and rearranged camera module are also promising since they offer more screen space and a sleeker design. The iPhone 13 series is expected to launch in the fall, and there’s no doubt that tech enthusiasts around the world will be eagerly waiting to get their hands on Apple’s latest creation.

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