With the recent announcement of the iPhone 12, Apple has decided to make a bold move by removing the charger and earbuds from the phone’s packaging. This decision has caused mixed reactions among consumers and has sparked a conversation about the need for such accessories.

For some, the lack of a charger may be seen as a smart move towards sustainability. Apple has stated that this decision will reduce electronic waste by using less packaging materials and reducing carbon emissions. It is also assumed that most iPhone users already have a charger and therefore won’t need another one. However, those who do not have a charger will have to purchase one separately or use another device. This may be problematic for those who want to charge their phone on the go or have multiple charging locations.

On the other hand, not including earbuds may prove to be more problematic. The iPhone 12 is the first phone from Apple to not include earbuds, and this move has not been well-received by many customers. The earbuds that come with the phone are usually of decent quality, and it is a convenient way for users to have a pair of headphones that work with their iPhone out of the box. However, Apple has stated that this decision was made due to environmental concerns and to push customers towards purchasing the more sustainable AirPods.

This decision may have a significant impact on users who do not already have wireless earbuds or are not willing to buy a pair. Those who still want a pair of wired earbuds will have to purchase them separately, which will mean an additional cost, and may also add to electronic waste if people buy cheaper but less durable alternatives.

Overall, the decision to remove the charger and earbuds from the iPhone 12’s packaging is a controversial one, and the implications are yet to be fully understood. While this move may prove to be beneficial for the environment, it may also cause inconvenience and additional cost for many users. Only time will tell if the customers will continue to support Apple’s decision or if this will backfire on the company.

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