As we eagerly await the launch of the much-anticipated iPhone 15, rumors about its features and specifications have been making rounds. Apple is known for its constant innovation and keeping up with changing technology trends, so we can expect some exciting features in the upcoming release. Here is a comprehensive guide to the top features of the iPhone 15 we can look forward to.

1. Under-Display Camera
One of the most exciting rumored features of the iPhone 15 is the under-display camera. This technology would allow the camera to be hidden behind the screen, leaving no notches or punch-holes on the display. It would provide a completely clean and uninterrupted screen experience. This feature has already been introduced in some Android smartphones, and Apple could be the first to bring it to the iPhone.

2. 120Hz ProMotion Display
The iPhone 15 is expected to feature a 120Hz ProMotion Display, which would significantly improve the phone’s overall display quality. This technology enables the display to refresh quickly, resulting in a smoother and more fluid visual experience. It will add a unique touch to gaming, streaming, and browsing content on the phone.

3. A15 Bionic Chip
Apple’s in-house chipsets are always a highlight of their iPhones, and the iPhone 15 is set to feature an A15 Bionic Chip. This new chipset will undoubtedly offer even more powerful processing speeds, making the iPhone 15 faster than its predecessor. The chip will also provide more advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, enhancing the overall performance of the phone.

4. Improved Battery Life
Battery life is always a significant concern with smartphones, and Apple has been consistently improving battery technology with every release. The iPhone 15 is expected to feature a larger battery that would provide longer battery life than previous models. Additionally, the rumored under-display camera could also contribute to better power efficiency.

5. More Advanced Camera System
Apple has always improved their camera technology, and the iPhone 15 is set to continue this trend. The phone could feature a new triple-camera setup, including a primary camera, ultra-wide-angle camera, and telephoto lens. The under-display camera could also provide higher quality front-facing camera technology, providing even better photography and video capturing capabilities.

6. 5G Connectivity
5G internet connectivity is becoming more common, and the iPhone 15 is rumored to have 5G capabilities. This feature would allow faster upload and download speeds, providing better overall internet browsing experiences, especially for 5G-supporting applications like gaming and video streaming.

7. Water Resistance
Apple is rumored to be improving the iPhone 15’s water resistance, making it even more durable and waterproof than the previous models. This feature would provide additional peace of mind when using the phone in wet environments or accidental spills.


The iPhone 15 is shaping up to be a true innovation in Apple’s smartphone history. With exciting new features like the under-display camera, improved battery life, 120Hz ProMotion Display, and more advanced camera’s, it is sure to offer an impressive user experience. All in all, it appears that the iPhone 15 will be a considerable upgrade from its predecessors, making it well worth the wait.

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