As always, Apple’s latest iPhone release has caused a stir among tech enthusiasts and smartphone users alike. The iPhone 12’s long-awaited arrival has been met with a mix of excitement and eagerness for consumers looking for the latest and greatest in mobile technology. So, what makes the iPhone 12 different from its predecessors, and what do you need to know before getting your hands on one?

First things first, the iPhone 12 comes in four models: the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The most significant difference between the four models is their size and price, with the Pro and Pro Max models being the largest and most expensive, respectively. However, all four models share many of the same features.

One of the biggest selling points of the iPhone 12 is its support for 5G connectivity. With 5G, users can expect faster internet speeds and improved network stability. The iPhone 12’s 5G capability means that users can download large files, stream high-quality video, and play online games more seamlessly than ever before.

The iPhone 12 also features a revamped design, with a flat edged frame reminiscent of older iPhone models like the iPhone 4 and 5. The device’s glass front and back are now protected by a new Ceramic Shield material, which Apple claims provides up to four times better drop performance. The device’s OLED display is also more power efficient, which should improve battery life.

One significant change in the iPhone 12 is the removal of the charging brick and earbuds from the device’s box. Apple is taking steps to be more environmentally conscious and has stated that this move will significantly reduce e-waste production. However, this means that users will need to purchase or use their existing charging brick and earbuds.

The iPhone 12’s camera system has also been improved, with all models utilizing a new A14 Bionic processor that allows for improved image processing and computational photography. The Pro and Pro Max models feature a LiDAR scanner, which enables improved low-light photography and augmented reality capabilities.

Overall, the iPhone 12 is an impressive upgrade from its predecessor. With 5G support, improved durability, and overall performance upgrades, it’s definitely a worthy investment for those in the market for a new smartphone. However, the lack of a charging brick and earbuds may deter some consumers, and the higher price point of the Pro and Pro Max models may make them less accessible to the average user. Regardless, the iPhone 12’s new features and design changes make it a device worth considering for anyone due for an upgrade.

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