The iPhone 12 is one of Apple’s latest mobile devices that boasts a sleek design, powerful processor, and improved features such as 5G capability. But how well does it stand up against the rigors of everyday use? In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the durability tests that the iPhone 12 goes through to ensure its resilience.


One of the most significant improvements to the iPhone 12 is its upgraded water-resistant rating. According to Apple, the iPhone 12 can withstand up to 6 meters of water submersion for up to 30 minutes. The iPhone 12 undergoes a series of tests to ensure that it meets this standard.

The first test involves submerging the phone in a water tank for 30 minutes. Afterward, the phone is examined for any signs of water damage, such as water spots on the screen or water damage in the ports. The phone is also checked for functionality, including the camera, speakers, and microphone.

Drop Protection

Another important factor in the durability of the iPhone 12 is its ability to withstand drops. The phone undergoes a drop test from different heights and angles to test its impact resistance. This helps to ensure that the phone can survive everyday accidents, such as accidentally dropping it on a hard surface.

The phone is also tested for durability against scratches and scrapes. The iPhone 12 undergoes a variety of tests that simulate everyday wear and tear, including being placed in a pocket with keys and being rubbed against a rough surface.

Overall Durability

The iPhone 12 goes through a battery of tests to ensure its overall durability, including testing its resilience in extreme temperatures, humidity, and pressure changes. This helps to ensure that the phone can endure tough conditions and continue to function properly.


The iPhone 12 is one of the most durable mobile devices on the market. It’s waterproof, impact-resistant, and designed to withstand everyday wear and tear. Apple’s rigorous testing process ensures that the phone is dependable and reliable. If you’re looking for a smartphone that can withstand the bumps and bruises of everyday use, the iPhone 12 is an excellent choice.

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