As the tech world anticipates the release of the iPhone 15 in 2022, leaked images and specs have begun to surface, giving us a glimpse of what to expect from Apple’s latest flagship smartphone.

Based on the leaked information, it appears that the iPhone 15 will be a major upgrade from the iPhone 13, with several exciting new features and changes in design.

One of the most notable changes is the absence of the notch on the display. Instead, the iPhone 15 is expected to have a pinhole camera design, in which the camera is embedded within the screen. This move will allow for a more seamless display experience, with more screen real estate available for users.

Another major change in design is the inclusion of a periscope lens. This lens is designed to offer better zoom capability, with some rumors suggesting up to 10x optical zoom. This would be a significant upgrade from the current 2x optical zoom capability of the iPhone 13.

In terms of performance, the iPhone 15 is rumored to feature a new A16 chip, which will offer faster processing speeds and better battery life. This chip is expected to be even more powerful than the current A15 chip found in the iPhone 13.

One area where Apple has struggled in the past is the durability of their devices. However, with the iPhone 15, it appears that they have taken steps to address this issue. The phone is rumored to feature a new titanium frame, which will offer increased durability and resistance to damage. Additionally, the device is expected to be water-resistant for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 6 meters.

Overall, the leaked information about the iPhone 15 suggests that it will be a significant step forward for Apple’s flagship smartphone lineup. While we won’t know for sure until the device is officially released, these leaked images and specs give us reason to be excited about what’s to come.

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