As the newest addition to the iPhone family, the iPhone 12 has been highly anticipated by tech enthusiasts and iPhone devotees. With its new features and capabilities, the question on everyone’s minds is whether the iPhone 12 is worth the upgrade. To get a better understanding of this, we reached out to experts in the tech industry to weigh in on the matter.

Overall, the consensus among tech experts is that the iPhone 12 is a significant upgrade from the previous generation. The biggest change is the 5G capability, as the iPhone 12 is the first iPhone to provide access to faster cellular networks. This means that users can experience faster download and upload speeds, as well as smoother overall performance. According to Dan Grabham, Editor-in-Chief at TechRadar, “The leap to 5G is a significant step for the iPhone, and it will provide a noticeable difference in network speeds.”

Another key feature of the iPhone 12 is its design. The iPhone 12 features a new design with a slimmer frame, flat edges, and a ceramic shield front cover that offers improved durability. This design has received widespread praise from experts, who believe that it is both stylish and practical. “The new design is a welcome change, and the ceramic shield front cover provides better protection for the phone,” says Lory Gil, Managing Editor at iMore.

In terms of performance, the iPhone 12 is powered by the new A14 Bionic chip, which provides faster processing speeds and improved battery life. This means that the iPhone 12 is more efficient and can run more demanding applications without significant lag. According to Makena Kelly, a tech policy reporter at The Verge, “The A14 chip is a significant step up from the previous model, and it delivers fast and seamless performance that users will appreciate.”

However, despite these improvements, some experts argue that the iPhone 12 may not be worth the upgrade for everyone. One of the main reasons is the lack of significant software advancements. Some experts believe that the iPhone 12’s new features are not enough to justify the price for users who already own a recent iPhone model. “If you’re happy with your current iPhone and don’t necessarily need the 5G capability, there’s no need to upgrade just yet,” says Kelly.

Overall, the decision to upgrade to the iPhone 12 ultimately depends on each individual’s needs and preferences. If you’re in need of faster network speeds, a better camera, and improved durability, then the iPhone 12 could be a worthwhile investment. However, if you’re satisfied with your current phone and don’t necessarily need the new features, it may be wise to hold off on the upgrade for the time being.

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