As we approach the launch of the iPhone 15, rumors and predictions about what to expect from Apple’s latest smartphone are circulating rapidly. While some of these predictions may be wild speculations, others hold some weight based on previous trends and Apple’s history with innovation.

Here are some of the most prominent iPhone 15 rumors and predictions:

1) Improved camera system: It is widely speculated that the iPhone 15 will feature a significantly upgraded camera system compared to its predecessors. This may include a higher resolution, improved sensors for low-light photography, and possibly even improved optical zoom capabilities.

2) Under-display Touch ID: Apple may finally introduce an under-display Touch ID feature on the iPhone 15, enabling users to unlock their phone with a fingerprint without having to rely on Face ID. This is seen as a response to the challenges posed by mask-wearing amid the pandemic.

3) Folding form factor: Samsung and other manufacturers have already released foldable phones, and there are rumors that Apple may join the trend with its own version of a foldable iPhone. This would allow users to have a larger screen without the need for a tablet or laptop.

4) Periscopic zoom: There are rumors that Apple may introduce a periscopic zoom lens for the iPhone 15, which would allow for even higher levels of optical zoom. This would make the iPhone 15 even more appealing for photography enthusiasts.

5) A15 chip: The iPhone 15 is expected to run on the A15 chip, which will likely offer significant improvements in performance and graphics capabilities.

6) Improved battery life: With each new iPhone, Apple tends to improve battery life, and the iPhone 15 will likely feature a larger battery and more efficient hardware to extend the battery’s lifespan.

7) 120Hz refresh rate: Many people are hoping to see a 120Hz refresh rate on the iPhone 15, which would give it a smoother scrolling experience and make it easier to view and play high-quality video content.

Of course, these are all rumors, and Apple has not yet confirmed any details about the iPhone 15. However, based on past trends and the features of previous iPhone models, it’s likely that some or all of these predictions will come to fruition. For now, iPhone enthusiasts will have to wait for Apple’s official announcements to see how accurate these rumors truly are.

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