The iPhone 14 is perhaps one of the most anticipated devices of 2022. Apple has been known to create industry-changing phones in the past and this latest iteration is expected to continue this tradition.

So what can we expect from the iPhone 14? Here are some of the most popular rumors circulating around the web.

First, we may see a complete design overhaul. Apple likes to switch things up every few years, so this is highly probable. There have been reports that the iPhone 14 will feature a thinner and more compact frame, with a smaller notch at the top of the screen. It is also rumored that the iPhone 14 may come in a new range of colors, although which colors we can expect is still unclear.

Another potential feature that has been talked about is an under-display Touch ID. This would allow users to unlock their phone using their fingerprint without needing to take off their face mask, which has become an increasingly relevant issue in the post-COVID world. Additionally, this would mean that users would have two biometric security options to choose from – Touch ID and Face ID.

Speaking of security, the iPhone 14 is also rumored to be getting an upgrade in terms of camera security. The device may feature an anti-spying camera shield, which would prevent unauthorized apps from accessing your camera without your explicit permission.

In terms of hardware, one rumor suggests that the iPhone 14 may be equipped with an A16 chip. This would mean even faster processing times than the current A15 chip found in the iPhone 13. Additionally, the device is expected to feature 5G capabilities, which would allow for faster internet speeds and improved connectivity.

Finally, there have been a lot of whispers about what Apple will be doing with the charging port. There are rumors that the device will no longer come with a charging port at all, and that users will need to rely on wireless charging exclusively. This would be a major shift for the company, but it is still unclear whether or not this move will actually come to fruition.

Of course, all of these rumors are just that – rumors. We won’t know for sure what the iPhone 14 will look like or what it will be capable of until Apple officially announces it in or around September 2022. Until then, we can only guess at what the tech giant has in store for us.

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