Apple has recently launched a new line up of iPhones, the iPhone 13. The new version of iPhone is the successor to the iPhone 12, which was a popular device among Apple enthusiasts. Now, with the release of iPhone 13, people are confused about whether to stick with the iPhone 12 or upgrade to the iPhone 13. In this article, we will compare iPhone12 and iPhone13 and help you decide which one is a better buy.

Design & Build:

On the design front, both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 are quite similar. Both models have a similar flat-edge design, and the screen size is also the same. However, there is a small difference between the two when it comes to their build. The iPhone 13 has a Ceramic Shield front cover that has been made thicker to make it more durable than iPhone 12’s cover. The iPhone 13 is also slightly heavier than iPhone 12 due to a larger battery.


The display size of both the devices is almost the same, with a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR OLED screen in iPhone 13 compared to the iPhone 12. However, Apple claims that the iPhone 13’s display is 28% brighter than the iPhone 12, making it an ideal option for people who use their phones outdoors a lot.


When it comes to the camera, there is a significant difference between the two devices. The iPhone 13 has a better camera system than the iPhone 12; it houses a new A15 chip and improved lenses. The camera upgrades include better low-light performance with the ability to capture more detail and improved color fidelity. The iPhone 13 comes with a dual-camera system, while the iPhone 12 has a single-camera system, so it is a better option for those who love photography.


Both iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 work on an A-series chip, but the latter device comes with an improved A15 Bionic chip that is touted to be faster and more efficient than the A14 Bionic chip. The new chip brings faster processing speed and better battery life, making it more efficient than the iPhone 12.


The last consideration before you decide to buy one of these phones is the price difference. The iPhone 13 starts at $799, while the iPhone 12 starts at $699, which is an $100 difference. Naturally, the more storage you require, the higher the price of the phone.


In conclusion, the iPhone 13 is an excellent buy for people who are looking for improved camera performance, better battery life, and a faster processing system. However, if you already have an iPhone 12, you may want to hold off on buying the newer model for the time being, as the differences are not considerable. While the iPhone 13 has undoubtedly received some significant updates, the iPhone 12 remains a powerful and reliable device. In summarizing, for people planning to upgrade from iPhone 11 or earlier, iPhone 13 is a safe bet but if you already are an iPhone 12 user, it’s better to wait for the next upgrade.

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