Apple has done it again with their latest release, the iPhone 12, which launched on October 23rd, 2020. As always, Apple has brought new and exciting features to their latest phone, but this time they’ve really outdone themselves with a stunning new design and some surprising features.

First impressions of the iPhone 12’s new design are awe-inspiring. The phone boasts a sleek, flat-edge design reminiscent of the iPhone 4. The edges are made from surgical-grade stainless steel, and the front and back are ceramic shielded glass, making it not only stylish but durable. The phone comes in five colors: black, white, blue, red, and green, with the colors being vivid and eye-catching.

The iPhone 12 comes in two sizes, the 6.1-inch display and the 5.4-inch display, which is known as the iPhone 12 Mini. This makes the iPhone 12 Mini the perfect pocket-sized device for those who don’t want a larger phone, as it’s easy to use with one hand.

One of the most surprising things about the iPhone 12 is that it comes without a charger and earphones in the box. This move has divided opinions, but it’s clear that Apple is looking to reduce its environmental impact by reducing waste. If you don’t have a charger, Apple is offering a USB-C to Lightning cable that you can plug into your existing charger or purchase one separately.

The new A14 Bionic chip is the fastest chip ever in a smartphone, making the iPhone 12 a powerhouse of performance. The phone’s display has an OLED Super Retina XDR display, which delivers rich colors and deep blacks.

One of the exciting new features on the iPhone 12 is MagSafe, a magnetic charger that snaps onto the back of the phone. This not only makes it effortless to charge your phone but also opens up a whole new world of attachments, such as magnetic cases, wallets, and chargers.

The iPhone 12 also comes equipped with 5G, the next generation of mobile network technology. This means faster download and upload speeds, which will make streaming, downloading, and uploading content much quicker.

The camera on the iPhone 12 is impressive, with a dual-camera setup that includes a 12-megapixel ultra-wide angle lens and a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens, allowing for stunning landscape shots, group photos, and low-light shots. Additionally, the new night mode feature helps users get great shots even in low light conditions.

In conclusion, the iPhone 12’s stunning new design and features have not disappointed. With MagSafe, 5G, and an impressive camera, this phone is a powerhouse of performance. Though the lack of a charger and earphones in the box may be divisive, it’s clear that Apple is committed to reducing waste and being environmentally friendly. The iPhone 12 is another home run for Apple, and fans of the brand will not be disappointed.

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