As Apple continues to push the boundaries of mobile technology, the iPhone remains the flagship product in their lineup. The newest iteration, the iPhone 14 Pro, is set to hit the market soon, and customers are eagerly anticipating what improvements and upgrades will be featured in this latest model. In this article, we’ll compare the iPhone 14 Pro to the previous models and explore what’s changed.


The iPhone 14 Pro’s design is expected to have several changes, including a smaller notch and the absence of the charging port. The device is also rumored to feature a premium glass build with a titanium frame, delivering a sleek and premium look that is reminiscent of earlier iterations.


The iPhone 14 Pro is set to feature a 120Hz LTPO OLED display, which would be a significant upgrade over the 60Hz refresh rate of the previous models. This feature will provide a smoother and more natural viewing experience to users.


One of the most significant improvements in the iPhone 14 Pro is expected to be the camera setup. The new model is rumored to include a triple-camera system, including an ultra-wide, wide, and telephoto lens, along with LiDAR technology. This will enhance the phone’s photography capabilities and provide more precise depth perception for AR applications.

Battery Life

The iPhone 14 Pro claims to boast a better battery life than its predecessors. It is rumored to offer up to 20% more battery life than the previous iPhone 13 models, thanks to a larger battery and more energy-efficient processors.


The iPhone 14 Pro is set to feature Apple’s latest A16 Bionic chipset, which is expected to offer better performance, speed, and reliability. The new chipset will handle heavy apps easily, making it a faster and more responsive device than the previous models.


The iPhone 14 Pro’s price is not yet disclosed, however, it’s expected that the latest model will be the most expensive among all previous models due to the expected advancements in technology.


The iPhone 14 Pro promises to deliver several notable improvements over the previous models. The brand new design, with a smaller notch, titanium frame, and more premium glass, promises a more elegant and sophisticated look for the device. A better camera, battery life, and processor are significant upgrades to previous models, making it a more powerful and efficient device overall. However, it also means that the iPhone 14 Pro may be the most expensive iPhone yet. Ultimately, it is up to the consumer to decide if the benefits are worth the cost.

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