Apple’s new MagSafe system is changing the game for wireless charging. Gone are the days of plugging in a cord, as the new system allows for a magnetically attached charging solution for compatible devices, particularly the iPhone 12.

MagSafe is a technology that was previously used for Apple’s MacBook charging systems. Now, with the recent release of the iPhone 12 and other compatible devices, Apple has introduced the technology into their mobile devices. The new system allows for easy alignment and fast charging, with a 15W maximum output that is twice as fast as older wireless charging options.

While wireless charging has been available for some time, it’s had a few drawbacks. Devices needed to be placed in the exact right position, or the charging wouldn’t work. Additionally, slower charging speeds meant it could take a while to reach a full battery. MagSafe solves these issues by using magnets to align the device and charger, ensuring a secure connection that’s more reliable than ever.

With MagSafe, charging is also more accessible. You no longer need to worry about plugging in your device or sitting it on a charging pad. Just snap it into place, and your phone will start charging instantly. Plus, with the ability to charge through cases, there’s no need to remove protective covers before charging.

Another benefit of MagSafe is the new accessory lineup that’s available. The MagSafe charger is only one part of the ecosystem. There are also cases, wallets, and other attachments that use the magnets for secure placement. The wallet attachment, for example, can hold your ID and credit cards and attaches to the back of your phone. It’s a simple accessory, but one that’s incredibly useful for those who want to lighten their load.

Overall, the new MagSafe system is a game-changer for wireless charging. It improves upon previous options, making charging more accessible, faster, and more reliable. With a whole new lineup of accessories accompanying the technology, Apple is opening the door to the next generation of charging solutions.

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